Trade Affiliate

Let's Build Value Together!

Are you a licensed cosmetologist or work in the hair care industry? Are you a massage therapist or pedicure/manicurist? Do you want the best products for your business that will encourage customer loyalty and increased patronage? As an AdoreOil Trade Affiliate, exclusive sample-sized products can be provided for display and sale by you at minimal cost to you. Unique referral codes can be provided to you on classy business cards to guide your customers to our website, giving them discounts just for being referred by you! Bulk products at reduced prices can be provided to you to help build and maintain your business.

Contract Partner

Get Ahead Of The Competition!

Let the high-quality product mix of AdoreOil complement and accentuate your destination resort or luxury resort. When timely and accurate delivery of the finest products is a must, look no further than AdoreOil. Private label? No problem. Weekly minimums? No problem. Dedicated customer service representative? Absolutely. Contact us today!


Deliver What Your Customers Crave At A Price Everybody Can Agree On!

Very low minimums with standard trade terms (if necessary) can draw customers into your retail space and keep them coming back for more. Samples and give-a-ways for products arranged in merchandizing displays possible. Discounted shipping. Possible advertising exchange or website attachment/linking available. Click the link to get started.

Custom Order

Weddings! Bachelorette Parties! Bridal Showers! Birthday Parties! Corporate Events!

Let's do this! It will be EPIC! The party favor to beat ALL party favors! Simply click the link and fill in the blanks! What kind of fragrance? What kind of product? What quantity? Special labelling? No problem! Low minimums and fast turnaround.